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FF2: solid pre-painted aluminium panel for most sophisticated architecture

FF2® is a UV-resistant coilcoated aluminium panel, specially developed for façades

A wide range of colours, non-combustibility (A1), simple processing, superior cost-effectiveness and high material load-bearing capacity make FF2® an ideal façade product - even for the most demanding architecture.

The FF2® coating: UV-resistant and very durable

FF2® solid aluminium is coil-coated with high-quality wet paints (e.g. PVDF). This combination of coating system and process gives FF2® a long-lasting, brilliant colour effect that has proven itself worldwide in a wide range of weather conditions. Thanks to their colour stability, FF2® high-performance paints are particularly recommended for large-area façades and have the following advantages:

  • FF2® is UV, gloss and weather resistant
  • FF2® is dirt-repellent and easy to clean
  • FF2® can be shaped without the paint cracking
  • Resource-saving coil coating, environmentally neutral paints
  • 13 colours are available from stock
  • Almost unlimited choice of colours for each project

The FF2® aluminium: special alloy for larger span widths

A special aluminium is used for FF2® to safely absorb high wind loads on various building types. Novelis has further developed the strength values of the base alloy AlMg3 and optimised them for the special requirements of ventilated façades. This means that significantly larger span widths can be realised with FF2® than with other 2 mm thick sheets. In practice, FF2® can therefore be used to create larger aluminium façade elements or to achieve savings in the substructure. Thanks to this special feature, FF2® can also be used for many façades for which a conventional 3 mm thick AlMg1 sheet is intended. The FF2® alloy at a glance:

  • Specially developed for façades
  • High strength combined with low weight (5.4 kg/m²)
  • Up to 80% recycled content
  • FF2® is specially levelled for low-tension
  • FF2® is resistant to seawater
  • FF2® is corrosion-resistant
  • FF2® is non-combustible (A1)

FF2® is a product "made in Germany" and has been giving buildings around the world breathtaking facades for more than four decades. Known on the market under the name ALCAN FF2® until the end of 2004, FF2® has been produced by the Novelis Group, which emerged from ALCAN, since 2005. Novelis is the world's leading manufacturer of aluminium rolled products for architecture. You can find more information on the Novelis website.

FF2 façade panels
FF2 façade panels
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