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FF2 Specification

FF2® pre-painted aluminium façade panels in detail

Standard sizes 2 x 1500 x 3000 and 2 x 1500 x 4000 mm
Further sizes
possible for specific projects
Permission regulated building product according to building regulations list
Fire protection
A1 (non-combustible) 
Recyclingcontent apprx. 80%
Mechanical properties
Alloy Novelis WG-53S
Tensile strength Rm
220-260 MPa
Elongation limit Rp0,2
165-215 MPa
Elongation A50 >9 %
Permissible stress
96 MPa
Linear expansion
0,024 mm/m/°K
Modulus of elasticity
70.000 MPa
Surface Coil Coating
Paint systems
HDCC, PVDF 80/20, Fluoropolymer or NWS
Gloss 2 (matte) - 80 (high gloss)
Paint thickness
25 - 45 µm
Protective film
top side, UV-resistant for 6 months
Reverse side
Primer, arrow indicating paint direction, production no
Standard colours
13 (plus seasonal stock with changing inventory)
Further colours
Almost unlimited choice for specific projects
Special feature Corrosion-resistant even near the sea
FF2 façade panels
FF2 façade panels
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