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Stainless steel look aluminium

The smart alternative to stainless steel

Combines the best of two worlds

The lightness of aluminium combined with the decorative look of polished stainless steel: Hartmann's aluminium sheets with a stainless steel look are perfectly modelled on the surface of polished stainless steel. This premium look is made possible by a special production process: the surface structure is created using an industrial process. Fluctuations in the surface topography, which occur with polished or brushed surfaces, are thus eliminated. The material is then anodised in a special anodising bath to perfect the stainless steel look. A 10 µm anodised layer also gives aluminium with a stainless steel look very good surface protection.

No fingerprints left behind

Aluminium with a stainless steel look from Hartmann is insensitive to fingerprints. This makes the material much easier to clean than stainless steel sheet, for example.

For decorative applications

This feature and the non-combustibility (A1) make aluminium in stainless steel look the first choice for decorative interior applications such as hotel foyers, furniture and interior fittings as well as for front door applications, household appliances, mechanical engineering, advertising signs, signage systems and many more.


  •     Insensitive to fingerprints
  •     Non-combustible (building material class A1)
  •     More even surface than polished metals
  •     Over 60% lighter than stainless steel
  •     Easier to machine than stainless steel
  •     Corrosion-, weather- and UV-resistant
  •     Sterilisable and resistant to neutral cleaning agents
  •     High abrasion resistance
  •     Antistatic and insulating
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