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Hartmann history

W. Hartmann & Co. GmbH

Hartmann company was founded by Walter Hartmann and his partner Ulrich Grajecki on 30 October 1925 in Hamburg. Grajecki left the company at the beginning of the 1960s. Even today, the addition '& Co.' in the company name is a reminder of his former partnership.

Walter Hartmann

Walter Hartmann

Early years and first expansion

The company initially supplied the shipyards on the North and Baltic Seas in particular. With the construction of the Berlin Wall and the associated loss of the eastern markets, it then reorganised itself and experienced a boom in the construction industry in post-war Germany during the economic miracle. During this time, the company grew to almost 600 employees in numerous branches and sales offices in Germany. Even then, the company traded in non-ferrous metals, in particular copper and copper alloys. Many churches in Hamburg are still covered with Hartmann copper sheets today, which now shine with a green patina.

Die Unternehmensjahre 1925 - 1975: Dieses Video entstand im Jubiläumsjahr 1975, zum 50 jährigen Bestehen von Hartmann und dokumentiert die turbulenten Anfänge sowie erste Expansion zur Zeit der Wirtschaftswunderjahre.

The company years 1925 - 1975: This video was made in 1975, Hartmann's 50th anniversary year, and documents the turbulent beginnings and initial expansion during the years of the economic miracle.

Hartmann Profile System

At the beginning of the 1960s, the company began to trade in system constructions for window, door and façade construction in addition to semi-finished products made of non-ferrous metals. Later, such constructions were also developed in-house and marketed as the Hartmann Profile System. Walter Hartmann personally managed the company until the 1980s and then passed on the management to the next generation in the form of his daughter Ingrid Spahn and an external managing director.

The Hartmann E2000 and E5000 profile series: This video shows the successful E2000 and E5000 series from the Hartmann window and door system. The video was made in 1975 to celebrate Hartmann's 50th anniversary.

An insight into Hartmann's classic metal trade in the seventies. The video shows the production of rolled and extruded products from aluminium, copper and brass semi-finished products and their further processing into a wide variety of end products.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, there was another period of prosperity as part of the reconstruction of the East. However, this was short-lived and the business petered out once the straw fire of subsidies had died down. The cost burden became unbearable and the systems business was sold to the former competitor Hueck in Lüdenscheid.

Family business in its third generation

At this time, Roland Spahn, grandson of Walter Hartmann, took over the company. Spahn initiated a comprehensive reorganisation and has since successfully managed the company with around 100 employees as a member of the Spahn Hamburg Group. With an unusually diverse range of stock, especially surface-finished aluminium semi-finished products, W. Hartmann & Co. is now a well-known name far beyond Germany's borders.