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Wide range of applications with larcore®

The aluminium honeycomb panel larcore® is used wherever it is necessary to:

  • save weight and thus energy and fuel
  • absorb high compressive and pressure loads
  • achieve a very high surface quality
  • offer large processing versatility
  • withstand changing climatic conditions
  • ensure a high recycling rate

This makes the aluminium composite panel larcore® suitable for a wide range of applications in the transport sector - be it in shipping, rail transport or on the road.

As a structural lightweight panel, larcore® also offers particular advantages in high-quality interior fittings in the construction sector or in outdoor applications.

Often the advantages cannot be justified by the use of the panel alone. The full advantage of the larcore® lightweight composite panel only really becomes apparent when the overall system, larcore® including substructure and installation aids, is considered. We at Hartmann will be happy to help you work this out. All other products in the Hartmann range, such as sheet metal and profiles, are also available to you in their various applications.




larcore® honeycomb panels with a length of 13,200 mm
Application: Side walls for truck trailers

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