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termolac: powder-coated aluminium sheet

termolac powder-coated aluminium sheets in various thicknesses and formats

The impressive variety and versatility, the special termolac coating process and, above all, the unique bending capability make termolac sheet the most popular coloured aluminium for the processing industry.

termolac Farbfächer

termolac - the surface

The unique coating process, which has been tried and tested for many years, is the basis for the unique termolac bending capability and easy processing of termolac sheets. Coating with polyester powder is carried out at a constantly high speed. The heat effect on the aluminium is correspondingly short, with the advantage that the grain structure properties are not affected.

termolac means bending radius 1T!

termolac sheets from Hartmann can be formed with a bending radius of 1 T (180 degrees) without the paint cracking. And that with sheet thicknesses of up to 3.0 mm. A robust protective film protects termolac during workshop processing.

termolac means variety

Do you need to produce flexibly and also demand this flexibility and variety from your supplier? Welcome to Hartmann! With termolac, we offer you over 160 articles in 26 colours, in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.0 mm, in a wide variety of formats directly from stock. Other alloys, colours, sheet thicknesses and special formats are available on request, even in small quantities. Just ask us!

termolac means versatility

The applications for termolac painted aluminium sheets go far beyond building applications. Thanks to the tight bending radius and direction-independent use, termolac sheets are also used in mechanical engineering, special vehicle construction, the sign and advertising industry and many other areas. On request, termolac sheets can also be supplied pre-anodised, e.g. for use near the sea.

The advantages

  • Bending radius 1T
  • Extensive stock range
  • Very good flatness
  • No suspension holes
  • Can be used in any direction
  • Width up to 2000, length up to 6000 mm possible
Powder coated sheet
Powder coated sheet
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